"Improvise, adapt and overcome…"

our mission


Respond to all customer needs caused by cyber incidents. Approach with effective response techniques, cyber-education, training, awareness, research, collaboration and efficient management strategies, in order to restore the functioning of information systems.

Secure IT infrastructures, without affecting your lifestyle. The provision of an adequate incident management framework will promote development in the field of information security.

• Develop policies and procedures for coordinated response and management of cyber attacks.

• Facilitate sharing of investigative information between analysts and operations personnel, and coordination of hack response and management process procedures.

• Identify critical infrastructures and assess their level of vulnerability to cyber threats.

• Provide technical/operational assistance to other interested parties in the international framework.

• Protection from attacks, with a focus on critical infrastructure.

• Develop Guidelines, Ensure Readiness, Business Continuity, by developing disaster recovery plans.

• Collect data and statistics on cyber incidents in a database for forensic analysis.

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